Donations & Recycling

Sirna Bros Junk & Debris Removal values the importance of recycling for our future generations. As a family owned business, we find it is a huge benefit towards conserving our planet’s resources by sending fewer materials to landfills. Did you know that less than 35% of households and less than 10% of businesses in the U.S. recycle unwanted items? We make a conscious effort to donate and recycle as much of the junk and debris that we pick up as possible.

Construction or residential rebuilds can provide gently used fixtures, cabinets, or similar unwanted construction material that we can donate to our partners to re-purpose and provide employment and job training opportunities to the disadvantaged.

Donating or Recycling Household Material

If we pick up furniture, clothes, or other household items in good condition we will donate to a number of non-profits that we use. Not all projects have items that are in donation-quality condition. If we pick up any items that are not suitable for donation, we will still try to find a home for it when possible. 

Recycling e-Waste and Hazardous Materials

We will figure out what electronic household items are eligible for recycling or donation. Electronic waste includes any electronics that have become unwanted or obsolete, which can quickly add up in your household or office as new technologies are constantly being developed and improved. Whether you have a few old desktop computers in your home or are looking to get rid of a large amount of large format office fixtures, we will do our part in continuing eco-friendly practices.

Chemicals, paint, tires, and all the other miscellaneous stuff? We can handle those items and guarantee to separate and recycle until only the minimal amount of junk is put in a landfill. 

Community Partners

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