Commercial Clean-Outs in Kansas City

Getting rid of junk overwhelms many people especially when the task is commercial clean-out mess left in your office like unwanted office supplies, furniture, and cubicle debris.  If you have desks, filing cabinets, computers, manuals, books, supplies, or anything else you no longer need in your office space, our team of professionals can help you. Like office spaces, warehouses can also be left in conditions unfavorable to property owners by past tenants and we can help there too.

At  Sirna Bros Junk and Debris Removal we believe that every commercial business needs a dependable junk and debris removal service to keep their property clean and clutter free. Whether you’re remodeling, redecorating, or getting ready for new tenants. The Sirna Bros. Junk and Debris Removal offer a wide range of professional, eco-friendly services to help your commercial property run smoothly and efficiently. As a property manager, you already have so much on your plate and we’d like to make your life easier.

We proudly pick up, donate, recycle or reuse as much of the outdated furniture, construction waste and discarded equipment or fixtures as we can in an attempt to keep it our of our landfills. Best of all, we’ll provide you with a donation receipt for any furniture or fixtures we are able to donate to local Kansas City charities on your behalf.

Ensure your commercial property is clean, healthy and clutter free by using Sirna Bros Junk and Debris removal in Kansas City. We often find that the companies that hire us are unfamiliar with what needs to be taken care of before they hire a junk removal service. So, we’ve attempted to make things a bit easier for our current and future clients by putting together a Commercial Junk and Debris removal checklist.

Commercial Junk and Debris checklist of what we can take visit our website for the complete list here:

Office & Warehouse





Paper Documents/Shredding

Filing Cabinets

Electronic Waste




Construction Waste








Metal Ducting


Commercial Junk and Debris checklist of what we cannot take.

Car Batteries



Biological Waste

Household Chemicals

Junk Cars

Hazardous Materials


If you need commercial clean-out services in Kansas City, call the Sirna Bros Junk and Debris removal at 913-484-9564.

We are your full-service, locally owned junk and debris hauling company. All you have to do is point to what you want to be removed and we’ll take care of the rest for you! We operate in the Kansas City Metro and service residential and commercial clients and have built a reputation as some of the most experienced and reliable junk and debris removal specialists in Kansas City.

That is why we have invested so much time and effort into building a business that provides prompt, responsive and professional services, and the reputation as the go-to company in the area for all of your junk and debris hauling needs.

Take back your space and be junk free. Contact the Sirna Bros Junk and Debris Removal, today for all of your Commercial Clean-Out needs.


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