Light Demolition

Looking for that one room tear down, light demolition or major construction? Want to redo the bathroom, kitchen, garage, whole house. Need someone to come in and take it all down and then haul it all away. Sirna Bros. Junk & Debris Removal is your one stop shop equipped with all the necessary tools and manpower you need to tackle your project. Sometimes there’s that one project that just never gets done, too much for one person, or don’t have the right tools. Challenging tasks like removing an old swing set, shed, or fence is a project, even after they are torn down the disposal is a job in itself. Our trucks have more than enough room for your disposal, recyclables, junk and we do all the loading for you.  

If you have a major construction project or light demolition with regards to junk removal. Trash pickup will deal with bulky household items, but will not dispose of any building materials. You need to plan for your renovating and construction debris removal and we are available to help with the big and small items. We will make sure that usable windows, doors, cabinets, counter tops and appliances that are still in good condition are recycled or donated to needy charities. 

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