Yes, we make a huge effort to minimize the amount of material that goes into landfills.  We recycle and donate as much as possible. This includes, metal, furniture, clothing, electronics and appliances.  

If it’s dried out, just throw it in the garbage or many landfills will take household chemicals at no charge. Check for local store drop off hours for special items.

Sirna Bros. Junk & Debris Removal has several different truck sizes to accommodate almost any hauling job. Whether the job is small or massive, we have your needs covered.

Our pricing is based on the amount of volume the material takes up in the truck. A rough quote can be given over the phone and written estimate once the items are seen in person. Please give us a call for a quote! 913.484.9564
Sirna Bros. will come to your home or business and lug away items you no longer want or need, for a fee. We charge by volume based on the space your items take up in our truck, not the time it takes to haul it away. ALL labor and dump fees are included in the price. We do all the work and you will be free of your junk. We will donate or recycle any and all of the possible items we remove from your property.
We accept checks, all major credit cards and of course, cash.
We prefer customers to be on site, or have someone there to represent them, but we can definitely take care of your project without you there.  
With a dumpster, you have to do all the work yourself and have an unsightly eyesore sitting on your property for days or even weeks. We do all the heavy lifting for you quickly and safely. You also pay for the entire volume of a dumpster, no matter how much you fill. We only charge by the volume of the truck that you use which may be more cost effective and convenient. Also, everything in the dumpster will end up in a landfill, where we will donate and recycle everything that we can.

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